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"MaJic & the Jumping Jacks a trick and agility show”

         Trick Pony show is great for parties, events, fund raisers and more. Magic our star mini horse loves to perform. He dances, jumps obstacle, catches rings, plays ball, answers questions and more! The miniature donkeys Twister & Wizard are a hoot!  They will make you laugh and astonish you on their ability to jump. Olrio, his sidekick, will join the crew for some fun in the corral. Olrio loves to perform too! You will be amazed on how smart they are and see first-hand how well they have trained us! 


Show Pricing

Trick pony show "Majic & the Jumping Jacks" for Event

2 Miniature horses (ponies) Trainer & 2 handlers

With/2 mini-donkeys................ 1 hour..... $350.00 + gas surcharge

Each additional performance..... 1 hour.....$175.00

45 minute show with 15 minutes to meet & pet the Stars.

(15 minute break between each show) 

Trick pony show "Majic & the Jumping Jack" for Birthday Party with Hand-led Pony Rides

1 Miniature horse (ponies) With/1 mini-donkeys  and Trainer & 1 handler....... 1 hour..... $250

30-45 minute show with 15 minutes to meet & pet the Stars.

(15 minute break between show & pony rides)

2 ponies 1 hour....................$250 - $50 discount for addition to the Trick Pony show

Plus ? mini-donkey for petting during the pony rides.

1 handler for each pony, saddles, mounting steps, riding helmets will be provided for your party.

Total 2 hours = $450

----Need at least 50' x 50' flat area to setup corral.

----Round Pen will be setup for trick pony show along with props for the show (setup 1 hour before show)

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