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home of lil bitty corral pony rides & petting zoo 

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Hand-led pony rides for play and personal time at our Ranch location in Bailey, Texas.

Rancho petting zoo included. (pygmy goats, mini-horse, mini-donkey & mini-zebu)

Weekday Pricing Monday through Friday 

Starting at 1-hour with 1 pony for $100.00

-minimum 1 hour

-4 maximum riders total for a pony fun-time 

Weekend Pricing Saturday and Sunday 

Starting at 1-hour with 1 pony for $200.00

-minimum 1 hour

-8 maximum riders total for a pony & petting zoo fun-time 

 (by appointment only)

This pricing is not for Birthday Parties. 

This pony price is on the Rancho only. 

(on our Property in Bailey, Texas 75413)  

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