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Event Packages & Pricing for Pony & Petting Zoo

Event prices are quote only, please go to book now and fill out form and we will be back with your within 24 hours with a quote for your Event! 

If you are looking for us to come as a vendor to your event. Yes, we do pay for ride or paid entrance to the petting zoo. You must be no more than 50 miles from our Ranch and we are not already booked for a paying event on the day of your event. Please take into consideration that we are a Entertainment that will bring families to your event in your consideration of any vendor fee you may want to charge.
Thank you, Dianne

What Rancho Condarco LLC brings to your Event
Our animals are part of our family.

We take great care of our horses and ponies.  They are professionally trained to do their jobs.  Our horses and ponies are all over five years old, and love to work with children.  Their sweet, gentle demeanor makes them a perfect fit for our business.  Their health and quality of life are important to us, so all of our animals receive regular vet care. We all live on a small 11 acreage ranch with horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies, dogs and cats.  We give them respect, love, compassion and kindness and it shows!  

When working an event the ponies and the handlers take regular breaks, to drink water and snack on hay and feed.  Our ponies enjoy taking breaks with us and getting a snack.

We never compromise on safety!

Cute isn't everything -- safety is!  We take every precaution possible to ensure safety is not compromised.  All ponies are trained to give a safe pony ride at parties and events.  Our handlers are experienced with our ponies and meet our insurance age and skill requirements. The equipment is checked before leaving the ranch and we post rule signs at appropriate locations. Rides will stop if there is any possibility of over excitement such as a dog suddenly appearing.

Care is taken at all times to ensure the safety of both the children and the ponies.  Our gatekeeper and pony handlers are careful to instruct children on how to proceed near the ponies -- never walk behind them, never offer them food from your hand, etc. The gatekeeper will fit all riders with a riding helmet and make sure they are taken into the riding arena safely. Horse mounting steps are placed in the arena to help the riders get on the ponies. The handler mounts the child and hand leads the pony for about 3 turns around the arena and then returns to steps to dismount and let’s the gate keeper know that their rider is ready to leave the riding area.  Gate keeper and pony handler will both make sure the child exits safely. 

We provide a riding arena with portable panels that is setup in an area about 40’ x 60’ with an latched gate used for entrance and exit.  We setup a three line system to put the right age/size child on the right size pony along with signs to help the parents and children know what line to choose. Different size ponies provide all ages and sizes a chance to have a hand-led pony ride.  This line system helps keep us organized and safe when we have three sizes of ponies in the riding arena.  Giving us the right age and size of rider for the next pony ready to be mounted.  All riders must ware a Riding Helmet to ride for their safety. The helmets are regularly sanitized and we also provide an optional shower cap that can be used under the helmet.

What do the ponies leave behind? 
Yes, our ponies do poop.  And we scoop it up as quickly as possible, place it in a bucket and take it with us when we leave the event.  They also love fresh grass so the lawn area we walk in will get eaten.
Healthy routines are important – especially at events!

At the arena exit we provide sanitizing hand gels.
 we recommend that candy, toys and pacifiers be removed from children before they go near the ponies, this ensures that these items stay clean.  
-Children should wear sturdy closed toe shoes if possible.  
-All children must be at least 2 years old to ride at an event and under the age of 5 must have an adult present at the gate to ride.  
-Small children may need an adult to walk beside them on their ride.

Of course we're insured!

Rancho Condarco, LLC maintains insurance required including liability coverage.
Proof of Insurance will be provided.

Truck & horse trailer parking & access

We need to be able to park within 100 ft of the setup site. Much closer is even better. Time needed to set up is directly related to the distance the attendants must carry several loads of equipment and animals. For visual reasons, we can park the trailer out of sight if your event requires it.  But we must have it in a location that can have easy access for us during the event.

Our marketing presence 

Rancho Condarco llc enjoys helping make your event successful. We also consider every public appearance an opportunity to advertise our handled pony business. The Rancho sign will be displayed and our business cards available at the table. We  will not randomly solicit customers from your event, but we are asked many times for our information at events. This way the information is accessible to your and our customers. If you or your organization objects to this visibility for any reason, please let us know before the event.  

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