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Group Horsemanship Classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

This isn't your usual riding school! Our group classes are dedicated to introducing and building a child’s skills in caring for, handling, and, eventually, riding horses in a fun, interactive environment. Our goal is to educate children using a natural horsemanship philosophy. This means that a relationship of respect, communication, and cooperation will be formed between the horse or pony and your child, the handler. Riding is the bonus.

All class days will include education in safety on the ranch and with the animals. Each day we will focus on specific areas of horsemanship awareness with plenty of activities. We will touch a little on the history, geography, and science of the horse. And Hand-led pony rides at the end of each class. Advanced riders would be able to ride in the arena not being hand-led with an handler in the arena with them. All riders will where helmets at all times when riding.

This course can be used for a family or a group that would like to setup continued classes. We would love to talk to you about what you feel would fit the best for your family or group. 

 We can meet once a week 2-3 times a month from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm (we take a half-hour break for lunch that you can bring and enjoy under our covered or inside area). Cost $30 a class per child or $50 a class for two from the same family.  These classes will only be held on weekdays. 

If interested please use our Sign-up Form on the Website.  

Some Horse-sense subjects we can include: 

  • Breeds of the World
  • Evolution & Domestication
  • Horses in History
  • Types of Horse Activities
  • Communication
  • Herd Instinct & Leadership
  • Horse Senses
  • Temperament & Personality
  • Colors & Markings
  • Confirmation
  • Describing a Horse
  • Gaits & Movement
  • Hooves & Shoes
  • Muscle, & Skeleton
  • Points of Horse
  • Teeth & Aging
  • After Work Care
  • Barn, Stalls, & Fields
  • Caring for Tack
  • Feeding & Watering
  •  Grooming
  • Health & Well being
  • Stall Care
  • Riding Attire
  • Tools for Training
  • Types of Tack
  • Basics of Training
  • Catching & Releasing
  • Haltering
  • Handling Bad Behavior
  • Introduction to Natural Horsemanship
  • Leading
  • Tying
  • Falling Off & Emergency Dismount
  • How to Jog (trot)
  • How to Mount & Dismount
  • How to Sit
  • How to Turn
  • How to Walk & Halt
  • Neck Reining
  • Riding Exercises
  • Styles of Riding
  • Tacking-Up
  • Using Riding Aids
  • Horse & Riding Safety 

We must have at least 3 participants signed-up to make a group class (limit 6). Each participant is responsible for paying class tuition regardless of attendance if the group has setup dates and times. If you have a group that is more than the limit and would like to setup a time, please let us know on the sign-up. We can give group prices according to the needs of the group. Or a group that would like a one time class that also can be setup as Horse Path small group (see below). 

Signup On the Rancho  

HORSE PATH for Small Groups $150.00/1-1/2 hour                       Personalized, educational time with the ponies & horses, plus some of the critters on the ranch.

We will be very happy to have your family come to our Rancho to experience a very special day with our horses and ponies. We have many different breeds for you to see, plus you will be getting up close and personal with a few of our characters from our Lil Bitty Corral.

We have a loosely structured set of horse-sense subjects that we offer during your visit. We do believe in child-led learning, so we will progress through these topics as the participant’s interest directs us. This will be their day after all.

The day’s subjects might include:  

  • How to be around horses safely
  • Horse behavior, temperament, and anatomy
  • Horses in groups and herds
  • Pony care and hands on grooming
  • Different styles of riding and gates
  • How to tack a horse (equipment)
  • How to handle the horse (leading)
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Display of lounging
  • Leading through obstacles
  • Riding posture in a walk
  • Hand-led pony ride
This is for small groups or families that would like an hour that is more than just a Hand-led pony ride. For no more than 6 in a group, if you have a group larger than this we may need more time. 

Signup On the Rancho 

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