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Rancho Condarco Info

  1. Where are you located?

    Our Ranch is located on Highway 78 1 mile north of Bailey, Texas 75413

    Between Bonham & Leonard, Texas

    North east of DFW area

    Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texoma, & East Texas Areas

    We will travel up to 100 miles...there will be a travel fee $1.00 per mile one way.

  2. How do I book a party?

    Click on Book Now on the main page.  Fill out the form and click submit. When we receive your information, we will contact you through email to let you know if that date and time is available and send you a quote.   Once your party is confirmed (within 5 days after you recieve your quote), you will mail a deposit to hold your date & time or pay with credit card through my PayPal Invoicing.  You may also call to make reservations, but if you fill out form first than call it will help the process. If it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday we may be working, so if you fillout our form first we will get back with you in 24 hours with a quote and availability. Thank you.

  3. How early should I book my party or event?

    It is best to book your party as soon as you have decided on the date and time. One month minimum is best.  Remember, Saturdays will fill up first followed by Sundays. Confirm your party date & time 5 days after you receive your quote. When I receive your deposit I will email you back a confirmation of your party or event is on our Calendar. During the Spring and the Fall we are in bigger demand, you may need to contact us 3 months before your party or event. October and April are very busy for pony and petting zoos.

  4. How do I pay for my party?

    Forms of payment accepted are: cash, personal checks, or business checks payable to Rancho Condarco. Driver’s license number, must be on all personal checks.  Payment will be given to the lead handler before the pony rides start. Returned checks will be subject to any and all fees incurred by Rancho Condarco llc and/or it’s representatives,and be subject to any and all penalties, laws, fines, etc., as defined by Texas and Federal law.

    Payments can be made by Credit Card or PayPal with PayPal invoicing. I will send you an invoice and you will have the option to pay with Credit Card or PayPal. If the credit card you are using is already registered with your PayPal account you will need to use PayPal to pay or use another Credit Card. This will need to be paid before our arrival at party or event as I do not have a way to take your credit card at the party or event.

  5. How early do you arrive to set-up?

    We will arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to set-up for pony rides only if there is no corral setup. When we are setting up the Petting Zoo corral we will arrive 1 hour before. Please have an area ready for setup and allow a parking place for the truck & horse trailer.  Events or parties may need more time for setting up the riding corral.

  6. Why is there a gas surcharge?

    Unfortunately due to the high cost of fuel we charge a travel fee of $1.00 per mile one way from our Ranch in Bailey Texas 75413.

  7. Do you only do birthday parties?

    Provide pony rides, petting zoo and trick pony shows for Birthday Parties, Church Events, School Events, Festivals, Customer Appreciation Parties, Block Parties, Fairs, Christmas tree lighting, Family Reunions and much, much more! Let us know what kind of party or event you are having.

  8. Do you require a deposit?

    A $100 deposit is required for parties (birthday, family parties) and deposit for Events is determined by the services provided (over 24 riders/guests, open to the public). The remaining balance is due at the start of the party or event. Holding your date and time prevents us from scheduling other business and discourages last minute cancellations. 

  9. Do you provide parties in Plano, Texas?

    We are currently reviewing the opportunity to do parties in Plano, Texas.

    Information about the City of Plano Ordinances:

    Application for permit:

  10. Do you give parties in the Frisco City Parks?

     No, my alternative places are: 

    1) Frisco Hertiage Center Depot right next to Plano. I am the perferred vendor at the Hertiage Center Depot.

    2) Southfork Ranch in City of Parker right next to Plano. If you are interested in having a party at Southfork they allow you to hire your own party entertainment I have had parties and events at this location.

    Reason why:

    City of Frisco doesn't allow Pony & Petting Zoos in the City Parks.

    But do allow private parties on your private property.

  11. Will the animals eat my trees, etc?

    Yes, if the set up area is near or in an area with vegetation they will eat it.  Please note we are not responsible for damage to people, property, trees, branches, bushes, grass, flowers, sprinkler heads, potted plants, etc.  It is up to you to find a safe, level, preferably grassy area for our set up.  If we need to set up on pavement we charge an additional fee for the bedding and the extra time it requires to clean up. All ponies will not be let loose in your yard, a handler will have them on a lead at all times.

  12. What about fire ants?

    Please help insure the set up area for the pony and or zoo is free of ant mounds,bee hives, wasp nests, etc as possible.  We do bring Cinnamon for the ants and will charge extra if we treat the area for ants---wasps etc. you can spray 7 days before your party.

  13. Our yard is fertilized and treated with insecticide, is this a problem?

    Ponies and or petting zoo animals cannot work on any area that has been chemically treated (fertilizer or insecticide) within the past 7 days due to the danger of poisoning. If we arrive and can smell or see any signs of chemicals or animals fall ill and it isdetermined that fertilizer or insecticide from your area caused it you could beheld liable. It sounds harsh but we must protect our interests (the animals).

  14. Do you require the liability release form?

    No, but their are acceptions.



  15. Can we party share?

    Yes, The option is to partner up with another party that wants ponies or petting zoo at a common location and either share the time depending on the number of children or sharing the location and the date of the party in blocks of time.

    Cost sharing will reduce the cost of having a pony party for each participant. Keep in mind that a location should be able to accommodate all participants. Public locations require more planning than private and there are some cities that have very strict rules so contact us if you are considering party sharing and are willing to be a little flexible.

  16. What does it take to bring ponies & or critters to your party or event?

    The care of the ponies’  & critters includes a place to live, medical, grooming and all the little things that happen daily. They eat hay and grain; we buy and grow our own hay.

    Employees are required to ensure safety and care as well as setting up and breaking down the coral and equipment. One employee per horse and at a large event we need a gate keeper and security.

    We bath all our animals and groom them before each party, check each pony out for any booboos and inspect clean all the equipment.

    Then we have transportation to and from our ranch to the party and gas is always the biggest cost. You also have travel time. Some locations are over 2 hours away so your 1 hour party can be an 8 hour day for us. This is where we can leverage the savings for you by sharing a pony party. We have a single location, we only add more time for a second or even a third party. any party group to match the date and location and scheduling or you can find your own partner. Give us a call or send us an email.

  17. Do you provide Trail Riding?

    We do not provide trail riding. You may come to the Rancho and ride our horses in a riding arena.

  18. Do you provide a pony carousel?

    No. We only hand-led our ponies.

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Handled Pony Rides

  1. How do I decide how many ponies I need?

    You should decide on how many ponies you need by the number of kids at the party.  It is best that you have one pony for a party with up to 12 children and two ponies for a party with up to 19 children.  If you have 20 or more you may want to contact us so we can decide the best number of ponies for your party. If you have a wide range of ages at your party you may want to consider having more than one size of ponies.

  2. What does a pony party include?

    We provide all of the clean professional handlers necessary.  We give handled pony rides on your property or ours. While the ride takes place, we,answer questions that the rider may have about the pony, or caring for him making this an educational experience as well.  We will provide rides to your guests until the allotted time is up, there is no limit to the amount of rides your child or guests may have.  We always try to make sure everyone gets the same amount of rides to ensure everyone goes home happy.  We will clean up any mess prior to our departure.

  3. Is there any age limit to ride the ponies?

    There is an age limit, a child must be 1 years old to ride at a party and a parent or adult needs to walk next to them. At an event they must be 2 years old to ride and a parent or adult needs to walk next to them. We do have a larger ponies so please let us know if you plan on having older kids at the party this will help us bring the right size of ponies.  Each size of ponies have their weight limits.

  4. Do your ponies have a weight limit?

    Our ponies ride a wide range of sizes and ages.

    Miniature horse: 50 lb max (1-4 years old)

    Shetland pony: 125 lb max (3-10+ years old) 

    Welsh pony: 185 lb max (8-14+ years old)

  5. What is a good place to setup the pony rides or petting zoo?

    We can perform ponyrides in fenced in backyards, city parks, church yards, preferably in a grassy area.  Set up on cement is possible but not our first choice. If there is not a fence in area for pony rides we will provide a probable riding arena.

    Please insure the set up area is free of dangerous holes, dog or animal feces, glass, trash, etc. if we arrive and we find we have to "Clean UP" we will deduct that time from your party time.  If we feel the area is unsafe for our animals or humans we will try to find an alternate location.  If no suitable locations available full payment will still be due. 

    City Parks or public locations may have requirements for permits for ponys to be on the property and sometimes there is a cost.  Most of them require 30 day advance information to get the permits and require proof of insurance from us.

  6. Are your ponies clean?

    Our ponies are bathed before each party or event when weather permits and groomed all other times.  We have  happy, healthy, spoiled ponies

  7. Are the riders required to wear helmets?

    We provide ASTM-standard/SEI-certifiedequestrian helmets for all riders.  Helmets meeting these standards are proven to be most effective, Safety first.

  8. What are the Benefits of Two Ponies?

    • Double the Rides - Twice the Fun!
    • The birthday boy or girl can ride more often, while still sharing with the other children.
    • Children enjoy riding in pairs, rather than one at a time.
    • They will get double the rides in half the time with two ponies.
    • The thrill and enjoyment of riding again and again is more fun and exciting.
    • The children can choose their favorite, between the two pony
    • We can accommodate different size children, with a small, medium and/or large pony.
    • The two ponies like to go together to keep each other company.
  9. If we get more than one pony, will I have to help lead the ponies around?

    NO WAY!!  This is YOUR party and we are here to serve you!!  The only job you will have is caring  for your guests.  Leave the ponies to us!!  Our ponies will be led by a experience handler.

  10. We have a dog, will he bother the pony?

    For the safety of the children, the pony and the dog please keep all dogs (including any neighbor dogs) inside or put away for the duration of the event. The rides will be stopped if there is a loose dog anywhere around, until thedog is not in the area. Excited dogs are a SERIOUS safety hazard.

  11. Do you have limits on how many people I can invite?

    No, we do not tell you how many guests you can invite, however we do have capacity limits for our zoos, and approx. number of rides per hour per pony for your reference. Over 24 riders/quests changes from party to event.

    In order for everyone to ride the pony and or pet the animals you need to have the right length of time and the correct number and size ponies to insure everyone gets the chance to pet or ride.  We will discuss all this when we go over your party plan. We can also stay longer if needed but only if there is no other party scheduled for the time with an extra cost.

  12. What happens if the pony goes to the bathroom during the party?

    We do clean up during and after the party and take it with us but be aware that it’s on a best effort basis.

  13. We are having a pool party too, is that OK?

    Wet Bathing Suits: If you are also having a water slide and/or pool party on the day of your event, please make sure that all  of the children are dry before riding the pony. Wet bathing suits will not be allowed on the saddle.

  14. What do I need to provide for the pony rides and zoo?

    We bring it all except water, we will need water! Access to water hose is always helpful.  It also is very important that the area will be clean of dog feces, remember the children will also be in this area. Taking out any obstacles that may be in the way of walking ponies or setting up the petting area.

  15. How long should we have the Ponies or Zoo at our party?

    Generally and hour is plenty of time at the typical birthday party.  If you think that one hour is not going to provide enough rides it is better to get more ponies than more time. This leaves time for the cake and present opening.

  16. Can we double ride?

    No. It is considered negligence under the Texas Equine Law and this is unsafe for both riders. 

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Petting Zoo

  1. Are you USDA Certified? Class C Exhibitor Licensed?

  2. How do you find out if someone is USDA Certified?

    Search this data base.

    Search with name of business first, don't find then use the owners name.

    If both of these don't show up chances are they are not certified.

  3. What animals do you have?

    Mini-Donkeys, Mini-Horse, Sheep, Mini-Zebu Cow, Nigerian Dwarfs Goats, Nubian Goat, Bunnies Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks

  4. What kind of area can a petting zoo be set up on?

    We always recommend grass but will also set up on dirt, or gravel. We must know ahead of time to bring in extra straw or wood chips for the ground if we are going to be on cement or pavement area. Please contact us for special arrangements.

  5. Will there be supervision in the petting zoo?

    Yes We will have a Zoo Keeper to help children handle all animals. Safety is our number 1 priority. And we will remind them to wash their hands with water & soap.

  6. Who is responsible for cleaning up after the petting zoo?

    We will clean up the petting zoo, and then carry out a final clean up when we are packed and ready to go. If we had the Petting Zoo Corral on asphalt or a paved area, we will have used bedding material on top of tarps- these will be rolled up and taken away with us.

  7. Is there a health risk with a petting zoo?

    All animals carry bacteria (good and bad) - including us!  But there is no need to be overly concerned about any potential health risk as long as suitable precautions and hygiene rules are observed.  These include washing, and/or sanitizing, your hands after touching animals, keeping food and drinks outside the animal areas, and preventing children from putting their hands or objects (such as pacifiers or sippy-cups) in their mouths while interacting with the animals.  Children (and adults!) should also be reminded not to touch their faces or put their hands near their mouths after touching animals.

    We provide hand sanitizers at personal parties and have signage reminding visitors to observe basic hygiene rules. We also remind everyone as they leave the petting area to wash with water and soap before they eat the birthday cake. At all of our events with the petting zoo services, a hand-washing station will be proviced with hand sanitizers, water and soap.  As long as people take normal care, there is little risk of becoming ill from a visit to a petting zoo.


  8. Do you allow the kids to feed the Petting Zoo Animals?

    No, we believe it is important to not have the kids feed the critters. I know that many other Petting Zoo sell feed for the kids to do so. Our research tells me that feeding the critters is not  a safe practice. Fun time with the critters is much more pleasant if the kids interact and pet them and leave the feeding to the handlers. It is always important for the kids and anyone who comes out of the pettiing area to wash your hands with water & soap.

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