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Owners & Handlers: Dianne & Ross Condarco

We are now living our joint dream of owning, sharing, riding Horses and Ponies! 

Before that I had worked myself up the corporate ladder holding many positions in Marketing and Computer Networking.  Then I got laid-off for my first and last time many years back, I started to look at that childhood dream of having my own horse. As it turns out my husband, who is retired from the Navy after 22 years, shared that dream too. As a child I never owned my own horse and was always riding friend’s horses. I took care of them when they couldn’t as payment.

We raised two wonderful, successful daughters who have really made us proud and they have given us three terrific grandchildren who are sharing our love for horses. They support us in our endeavor to share our horse heard (family) with others.  You could say we are empty nesters, but we are anything but.  

When the reality of owning my own came up, I was hesitant, but my husband wanted to give me what I always dreamed of and that it was time to do it.  Our original plans was for one horse for each of us, but that plan soon expanded when we found how much fun it was to share with others. Especially the youth in our lives at that time of our new life changing, yes life changing choice.  Horses have changed our way of life; no more spur of the moment vacations or splurging among other things such as the daily routines and interactions with these majestic animals.

Now we don’t know what we would do without them. They give us so much love and affection and in so many ways enrich our lives. I can tell you that many times parents and grand parents have thanked us for bringing our ponies and the way we do things with the children at private events.

We consider ourselves as ambassadors of the equine industry as many times we are the first pony that a child or even adults ever come in contact with. There is where our Mission Statement and Vision evolved from. We started the original concept of allowing interaction and direct contact with the ponies in a safe and personal interaction that promotes the love and proper care for our equine friends as our service difference for our customers.


 Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texoma, & East Texas Areas

Here is an article about how to start a petting zoo that we were featured in October 2013

How to start a Petting Zoo

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